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Here at Oasis we believe that everyone young or old deserves to be listened to. Our youth Support team is available to help anyone from 8-21 years of age. We want to build healthy communities, where individuals can find a sense of belonging, a support network and genuine relationships that encourages young people to become the best versions of themselves.

The Youth Support that we offer is confidential one-to-one support to children and young people in South Grimsby. Our Youth Support Workers build a relationship based on trust in order to support and empower any young person who may be in need of help.

We can offer help with a whole range of issues ranging from mental health, behavioural difficulties, teenage pregnancy, health, fitness, smoking, drugs, gangs, violence, relationships, bullying and anything else that maybe affecting you.

We also provide lots of fun and physical activities including youth clubs, sporting activities, boxing, arts and crafts aimed at helping young people to explore and understand their ideas, values and beliefs, as well as confidence building and life skills. These activities really can benefit you and help you make a positive and successful transition to adulthood.

If you have been or are affected by a family member using drugs, violence or alcohol. We recognise that substance use or violence does not recognise class or social boundaries, and can affect anyone within the community. ┬áIt also doesn’t just affect the individual and it can have a devastating effect on the whole family, with children often feeling isolated and afraid.

The Youth Workers here at Oasis provides much needed emotional support, well-being advice, or a non-judgemental listening ear to allow young people to fully express themselves and begin to work through the challenges of their situation.

If you would like to access our Youth Support please get in touch with the team confidentially by completing this form or email kelly.chapman@oasisuk.org

We believe that in order for our children and young people to flourish, parents need to also be enabled, empowered and supported to find and reach their potential, both as an individual and a parent. If you need help as a parent please visit our family support page.