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South Grimsby



Please let us know by Friday morning if you would like a pack. They will be available to collect on Friday afternoon.

Loving seeing all you #teabagchallenges @oasishubhadley
Michelle Did her’s last night live on Facebook, can you beat her?
One Mug, Ten teabags and 2 metre social distancing
How many tea bags does it take for you to get one in the Mug?? Can you beat us? Just for Fun!

Own your own ‘Lightning Bolt’! We have a professionally framed t-shirt signed by #UsainBolt the 8-time Olympic Gold Medallist in our Oasis Online Auction. Place your bid at

#teabagchallenge @OasisHubHadley https://www.facebook.com/OasisHubSouthGrimsby/videos/3184476168258757/ Can you do better than Michelle 1 mug, 10 teabags, 2 meter social distance. How many can you get in the mug?!

Just for fun #hublife #covid-19 #buildingcommunity #communitiestogether
Tag us in your attempts.

This week we are going back to sharing our opening hours with you as we are going to be putting on some Facebook lives and a zoom coffee afternoon.
#communitiestogether #covid19 #keeptalking #familyactivities # openinghours #hublife

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