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Journey of little girl with a big heart!

The image shows Daisy-Jean wearing red highlighting awareness for congenital heart disease.

“Daisy-Jean was born with a heart condition called congenital heart disease which affects 1 in 100 babies. Daisy has patent ductus arterioles, atrial septal defect which unfortunately there is no cure for just treatments to help her.

Daisy can become breathless and gets tired very easily. She has had lengthy hospital stays and must have monthly check-ups. Daisy will be needing surgical interventions soon as she grows, she already has monthly scans which she doesn’t like but is getting better with them.

This doesn’t stop our little girl with a heart of gold from doing her volunteering role within the Oasis Hub. Daisy helps every day with the daily running of the Hub, creating food parcels which she loves, always making sure that she welcomes everybody with a great big cheeky smile. This led her to winning young volunteer of the year award back in 2021.


Friday 3rd February is Wear it Red Day. An extra special day to raise awareness of the congenital heart disease and show support and love to all these little heroes who are facing big battles, I’m lucky to have my own hero, Daisy-Jean my daughter!”

Daisy’s story by Amber Cardwell