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Oasis exists to build healthy communities, where individuals can find a sense of belonging, a support network and genuine relationships that encourage them to become the best versions of themselves.

We believe that in order for our children and young people to flourish, parents need to also be enabled, empowered and supported to find and reach their potential, both as an individual and a parent.

What is it?

Our Family Support is designed to listen, plan and journey with a parent to enable them to access relevant services, support and opportunities. This may vary from facilitating food support, advocating for better housing provision or meeting other basic needs when there is a time of crisis or hardship, to encouraging education opportunities, supporting with applications, finding volunteering opportunities, or accessing counselling or well-being services.

At times, this may simply be space for a listening ear, to be encouraged and find time and ways to express yourself for your own well-being – something we all need.

Who is it for?

We hope to be able to offer support to any families who are seeking it, ranging from practical to emotional support, applications to seeking volunteering or employment, those feeling isolated, and those looking to improve their physical and mental health.

We also offer long term support for families facing specific hardships, challenges or circumstances, which may range from money management, debt, sourcing grants or items you need, food or housing, to relationship breakdowns, domestic abuse, poor health and well-being.

We have no thresholds to be met, or criteria you must fit into – you can simply just want to connect and find ways to engage in your community.

Why is this important?

We believe in equal opportunities and the empowerment of individuals to support themselves; and one another. Sometimes, we need help to face challenges, to focus and plan how to move forward.

We hope to provide opportunities to build that important community network for longer term friendships, relationships and support, through our community activities and family programmes.

Simply put, we will focus on the individual and walk with them as they are finding ways to connect, find community, and thrive.

How does it work?

Once you register with us, we will first make contact for a chat, see if there is anything immediate you need support with, and to set up an appointment if appropriate.

We’ll talk with you, do an assessment with you and identify the kind of support you would like in the short and long term, and together create a plan for support across a year (or longer).

Together we can plan the best way to connect, have regular check-ins, you’ll receive focused time with us, can work on specific things, and can also advocate for and with you, supporting with attending meetings or appointments.

You can also be signposted into any additional services. These may include community activities, adult learning courses, employment support, our baby clothes bank (pre-loved baby clothes project), food support, debt or benefit advice, immigration services, and volunteering. We also have access to free counselling services.

What do I do?

You can register quickly online for a call back from one of our team and discuss some support, or just chat to us about your situation. Simply click here or contact us on 01472 310013.

Who are we?

Our Family Support team include Michelle Donner and Sharon Lines.